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Machine shop was created to serve the needs of the entrepreneur or SME who has great ambitions to manufacture and create wonderful ideas, but lacks the resources to get access to the specialist machinery and for the companies that have the machinery and would benefit from keeping the machinery working, by putting it to work 24/7. 

Those Needing Machine Services.


  • Access to specialist machinery in your area.
  • A fast solution to meets the demands of your production for manufacture.
  • No need to own, store ,operate or maintain expensive machinery. 
  • QA/ QC process to insure the items meet the standards and schedule required.

Those Owning Machines 


  • Maximize your profits by putting machines to work that stand idle.
  • Put your machines to work at night.
  •  Put older machines back to work.
  • Create jobs.
  • Low risk for high returns.
  • No delay in payments.

Lastly we  are creating a  platform that offers all parties a dynamic solution to meet the demand and need of manufacturers, that  will facilitate their  and the industries particular machining requirements, to help network of producers to meet the rising demand of deliveries and cost cutting.


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